#City & Town Planning
City of Saskatoon

On March 6, 2015 Phil Tank reported in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix that the City Transportation Department submitted a report to the Standing Policy Committee on Transportation asking City Council to approve changing the classification of College Drive to an Urban Expressway in order to improve connectivity into the Holmwood Sector (land being developed next to Wilson's Green House).

This change will do exactly that, it will and is designed to benefit the Holmwood Sector (an area were there is currently no tax payers) and makes no reference to benefiting or correcting the transportation concerns the residents in the north-east are currently experiencing.

Please sign the petition below and contact Councillor Jeffries and tell him why you signed the petition. This petition will be submitted to the City Clerk prior to the March 23rd Council Meeting.

Phone: 306-500-0484 or Email: ward10@saskatoon.ca
Twitter: @zachjeffries10
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZachJeffriesWard10
Website: www.zachjeffries.ca

On March 28th (Coffee with Councillor Jeffries at Safeway Starbucks 10-noon) please tell Councillor Jeffries to Vote No.

We, the residents of north-east Saskatoon, call on City Council to VOTE NO to City Administration's report to reclassify College Drive and build additional access crossings onto College drive slowing traffic.

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