ZeniMax Online Studios

ESO members all over the world have been stirring desire for the ability to re-tailor dungeon set pieces to craftable motifs to personalise style on a whole new level.
After working our butts off and spending months acquiring optimal set pieces from farming dungeons, subject to RNG's torture, we put on our gear and dye it but it's miss matched and can often look plain ugly. We vote to introduce re-tailoring to the crafting professions in ESO, the difficulty may be high but the ability would be worth it. Some have even said they would be willing to buy crowns and pay for it that way if they could. Vote for a sense of style! Vote for customisation! Vote for re-tailoring!

We call to all ESO players all over the world to band together and demand what we want! Let's make ZeniMax Online Studios listen to what we want!

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The Vote for ESO Set Gear Retailoring petition to ZeniMax Online Studios was written by Akara Topaz and is in the category Gaming at GoPetition.