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The dismissal of Roe vs. Wade by the United States Supreme Court has resulted in much civil unrest renewed over what has been a decades "Pro Life" vs. "Pro Choice" debate over terminating unwanted pregnancies through abortion, unrest that may well crate a deep rift in the culture of this nation. Here is a solution:


For details see the article: Attention Women AND Men: An alternative to abortion or carrying an unborn to term at https://app.box.com/s/409gef2zxc8w1jvi23jaijym4xhmzwac

We the undersigned do petition our legislative representatives at the state and federal levels to enact Voluntary and Reversible Sterilization as an alternative for abortion or carrying unwanted unborn to term.

Voluntary and Reversible Sterilization avoids the conflict and confusion between pro-life and pro-choice. It gives individuals TOTAL CONTROL over their own conception decisions. Ultimately this IS the ultimate in pro-choice, in that it lets the woman AND the man jointly decide how and when they want to conceive, or even if they want to conceive at all! Conception by negligence, accident or criminal action is eliminated! That which is never conceived can never be aborted.

Health care subsidization for those without the financial or insurance capability to exercise this choice on their own will ensure that all desiring Voluntary and Reversible Sterilization will have access to these (for men Vasectomies, for women Tubal Ligation) procedures regardless of their personal financial status.

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