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A 5 year old Tennessee Boy with autisum was recently punished for hugging a student and I kissing another one on the cheek! He is 5 years old he is still a baby" there is nothing wrong with affection in his mind it's okay, he cannot comprehend right from wrong" this child has Autism he dose not understand! The school labeled little Nathan as a sex predator and accused him of sexual harrasment! Only because he hugged a child and kissed another on the cheek. This baby dose not even know what those things are nor dose he understand" but since the school has no education and dose need to understand what autism is I will explain Autism is a Complex neurobehavioral condition that includes impairments, and social interactions and developmental language and communication skills combined with rigid repetitive behaviors! A child with Autism have trouble understanding what other people think and feel. This makes it verry hard for them to express themselves eaither with words or thru gestures, facial expressions and touching.. please everyone let's sighn this petition for this baby what's right is right what's wrong is wrong the Tennessee school and teachers are wrong and highly uneducated!!!! I'm a loving mother of a child who has Autism And sensory integration disorder and I know what this family is going thru nobody knows the judgment until it's there child being judged because of a disability this school has discriminated and harrased this disabled child he is the only one who is the victim!!! With God laying hands and all the prayers going up and this petition being sighns we can help!!!

Please sighn voices for autisum Autisum is a nerulobehavioral condition that includes Impairments and social interactions and developmental language and communication skills combined with rigid repetitive behaviors. It is a disability it cannot disappear it takes patients and alot of attention that deal with a special needs child. Let's sighn the petition because little Nathan is the one who is the victim he is being harrased and discriminated against because he has a disability if you know it's wrong please sighn because we can stop bullying harrasment and discrimination against little Nathan we can also help other disabled children so this dose not happen to any other children

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