David Cameron at No 10
United Kingdom

Have been fighting for many years to ensure pensioners receive an adequate basic state pension, wish to obtain in excess of 100,000 signatures to present to 10 Downing Street on behalf on all Pensioners within the United Kingdom.

"Sign and Have Your Say", it's time you stood up for "Your Rights" it is no good complaining to your friends, as alone you have no chance and exactly what this government and any other subsequent government wants.

In total there are 11 million of us, United we become quite a force! Once, this PETITION is presented to David Cameron, (REMEMBER WITHOUT YOUR HELP IT WON’T BE) Cameron pledged any Petition with over 100,000 Signatures will be discussed formally within the House.

PENSIONERS in this country are forced in winter months to choose between EAT & HEAT, particularly those who rely on Oil for their Central Heating, which is a Captive market for the Oil Suppliers, and why is it not Regulated like other Energy Companies? Whilst PENSIONERS are denied the Right to Live with Dignity in Old Age?

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