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The village of Rhoose has now expanded and with its population size increase so has interest in sports. Rhoose has a highly successful history in a variety of sports but doe's not have a rugby team.

We have started Rhoose rugby football club with the aim of providing Rugby Union to the children of Rhoose and surrounding areas from age 6 up.

However we cannot run as a club until we have a home pitch with changing rooms. We have actively been requesting the Vale of Glamorgan Council provide a pitch within Rhoose for 2 years now and it has recently been hinted as a pitch will be ready for 2010 maybe 2011. The children need a pitch now!

The most recent estimates for England & Wales suggest that some 8.5% of 6 year olds and 15% of 15 year olds are obese. This is a concern because obesity is an important risk factor for mortality
and a range of chronic diseases in adult life.

We the undersigned give our support to Rhoose R.F.C. and call on the Vale of Glamorgan council to provide a rugby pitch within Rhoose for the children now and not in 2 years time.

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