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We, overseas Vietnamese who are struggling for a democratic and free Vietnam, respectfully submit this petition to request the U.S. Congress, the United Nations, and all NGO’s Humanitarian entities to urge the Communist Vietnam to unconditionally release all innocent people whose only “crimes” is to love their Motherland Vietnam.

Federation of Association of Former Vietnamese Political Prisoners
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Human Rights Watch

December 20, 2011



Your Honors,

Vietnam have been constantly victimized by the giant and expansionist ambitious China for more than 4000 years.

After a millennium under Chinese domination, Lord Ngo Quyen defeated the Southern Han’s expeditionary troops on Bach Dang River and regained independence in 937 A.D.

For the next thousand years, China has many times sent troops to invade Vietnam and was defeated by our people.

During the Vietnam War, the Vietnamese Communist Party led by Ho Chi Minh received enormous weaponry supplies from Red China to finally win the war, making Vietnam a Communist state under the heavy influence of their Chinese masters.

As the result, Vietnam gradually became subordinate to her historical enemy China.

With no concern for Vietnam’s sovereignty, Ho Chi Minh and Prime Minister signed a diplomatic note on September 14, 1958, agreeing to Chinese claims to the Paracel and Spratly islands, which belonged to the Republic of Vietnam.

It’s equally inexcusable for Hanoi to grant to China hundreds of square miles of land along the Vietnam-China border. The border gate Nam Quan and the famous natural sculpture that features a lady holding her child, waiting for her husband to return from the war, now are deep in Chinese territory.

In addition, Vietnamese people are incensed over China arrogant in violating the UNCLOS, drawing sea borders across the East Sea - often referred to as the Beef Tongue Line. This action cut Vietnam’s access to the Pacific Ocean. Chinese patrol boats looted, chased and killed Vietnamese fishermen on Vietnam territorial waters. Chinese workers – legal or illegal in Vietnam - disregard state and local laws; they behave as if they were masters in our soil.

Instead of taking measures to protect the interest of the people and defend Vietnam’s sovereignty, the Communist government has closed their eyes, turned their back on its citizens. Even worse, they cited reasons to justify the pirate acts of the Chinese.

The Vietnamese people in the country do not have the patience to endure more injustice and treason. The Chinese domination is not simply a warning, but is pervasive throughout all aspects of life in Vietnam...

In the past year, thousands of Vietnamese have stood up and spoken their patriotic voice against China’s conspiracy. Dozens of demonstrations of compatriots broke out in large cities. Especially in Hanoi, location of the puppet Government’s headquarters and the Communist Chinese Embassy.

In order to please their Chinese masters in Peking, the Vietnamese Communists brutally oppressed the demonstrators, detained and tortured hundreds of citizens without trial and legal process. The world has witnessed YouTube images of peaceful protesters beaten by the police.

Most recently, one of the protesters, Ms. Bui Thi Minh Hang, a 47 year old woman from Vung Tau, disappeared when she went to the Ben Nghe Police Station in Saigon to visit a friend. – who had been detained days before. No one knew her whereabouts. Her son, Bui Trung Nhan, 19 years old, produced fliers, handing them to passers-by at every intersection asking for information about his missing mother. Police arrested him and he was held prisoner for several days.

Returning home, Bui Trung Nhan received a letter signed by Lt. Colonel Bui Khanh Chuc; Director of the so-called Vinh Phuc Education Center. He was told that Ms. Bui Thi Minh Hang had been sent to the center and would be detained in 2 years. The letter was signed on November 29, 2011, following an order from Hanoi’s People’s Committee, dated Nov. 8, 2011.

Vinh Phuc Education Center is a prison holding prostitutes, gang members, drug addicts… To put Ms. Bui Minh Hang – a patriot whose only “crime” is to protest the Chinese conspiracy - in that center, the authorities wanted to humiliate and insult her, and also send a clear message to any citizens who might get involved in future demonstration against the Chinese. Bui Thi Minh Hang had been stalked, harassed, and detained several times in the past because of her anti-China activities.

We have long known the Vietnamese Communists will commit bizarre acts to harass opponents. At an early trial, witnessed by hundreds of people, a security police officer covered the mouth of Father Nguyen Van Ly as the respected clergyman started to speak. In another instant, Hanoi authorities ordered secret police to throw human waste mixed with oil on the residence of Ms. Tran Khai Thanh Thuy, a writer opposed to Communist policies. In other cases, police invaded churches and attacked the priest during services when he was preaching. Police have thrown stones and assaulted foreign journalists and Australian diplomats when they visited a church.

By these despicable acts against a patriotic woman, Communist Vietnam has fully disclosed its thuggish nature, its treason to the nation, and is adding the last drop to the cup of wrath.

The fact that civilians suddenly disappear is common and happens every day in Vietnam today. It must be condemned by the civilized world as heinous acts against humanity. Vietnamese Communists have been in power for more than a half century. They have joined international organizations, have signed and committed to implement dozens of agreement on Human and Civil Rights. With the constitution and laws in hand, they cannot behave like rebels, gangsters, or outlaw organizations especially to the patriotic citizens who are defending the nation sovereignty.

We, on behalf of hundreds of thousands of Former Vietnamese Political Prisoners who have endured years in Communist Concentration camps, and are now struggling for a democratic and free Vietnam,
Respectfully request the U.S. Congress, the United Nations, and all NGO’s Humanitarian entities – with all possible means - to urge the Communist Vietnam to immediately and unconditionally release all innocent people whose only “crime” is to love their Motherland Vietnam.

Besides, Vietnam must release all prisoners of conscience who have been struggling for justice, freedom, human rights against the Communist dictatorship.
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We are deeply grateful for your positive involvement.

Respectfully submitted

For the Executive Committee of Federation of Association of Former Vietnamese Political Prisoners

Nguyễn Trung Châu, Chairman

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