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Our goal is to make aware the dangers of our beautiful island, Puerto Rico. Our island has its hidden treasures and is visited yearly by many tourists who don't know the dangers the island holds and what we are asking is for the Puerto Rican government to post signs that are visible and posted directly by these hidden dangers. Postings that clearly state the dangers in both Spanish and English.

On March 3rd tragedy struck and the life of someone who was loved by many was abruptly taken by the currents on a local beach in Manati. This heroic father jumped into the ocean to save his daughters not knowing the dangers that lurked around them and unfortunately drowned saving his girls. So to prevent another tragedy like this from happening to someone else we are asking for clear, visible signs stating the dangers a place might have. Signs posted in both Spanish and English. Because one sign at the entrance of the road leading to the beach that stated "Dangerous Area" isn't enough!! There were no signs near the beach letting people know that the beach is unsafe to swim. So informing the public of its dangers seems like the right thing to do..

We feel if signs were posted near the beach warning people of its dangers, people would take precaution when enjoying the landscapes. And tragedies like this one won't happen again!

We, the undersigned, are calling for the local governments to post signs that clearly state the dangers of the beaches and any other attractions that inhabit danger!

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