Trading Standards, Office of fair trading, OFCOM

Virgin Media National are "Shaping" the transmissions of downloads from Steam as if it was Peer 2 Peer and therefore users are getting ridiculously slow download rates and pings. This is and unfair and unjust clarification. Steam is a legitimate program which downloads from direct connections to a server, not Peer2Peer. Typical speeds give you 1GB per hour when most users on other similar platforms like Origin get up to 5GB per hour.

Virgin have also tried to make us believe it is Steam but they have only started saying this after we found out it was them "Traffic Shaping" connections to Steam.

They have on numerous occasions on the phone and their own forums stated that it is classed as P2P. Now a team leader on the phone described how it is wrongly classified but there is nothing he can do. This is not the level of service we pay for.

We, the undersigned, call on Virgin National to re-classify Steam as a legitimate downloading program and un-shape the packets we receive.

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