#Human Rights
Yeni Kadin


In society women are still considered second class humans, scorned and humiliated. As the concept of “Honour” is unified with women, they undergo and experience all sorts of violence and even are killed.

Women are still used as cheap labour force, their sexuality is used as a commoditiy that is sold in the prostitution, their unsalarised slavery in the household is still ongoing, their education is considered unimportant, in the political life and leadership positions they are under represented.

Although crimes such as; sexual molestation, rape, incest, forced marriages, jalousy, tradition and honour killings around the world negatively effect women's lives from childhood on, the sentences for these crimes in court are not sufficient.

The dual oppression and exploitation of women which in general is called “Women’s Question” is in fact not only a problem of women but of the entire society.
Therefore, to prevent violence against women being a part of human rights violations;

1. The sentences for violence against women should be dissuasive and there should be specific education on this subject in society.

2. Sufficient shelters should be facilitated for women suffering violence, at the shelters women should receive education on how to protect themselves and oppurtunities to work should be provided for.

3. Domestic work should be salarised,

4. We demand facilities such as nursing rooms and child care in offices without these, to be facilitated for working mothers.

With above demands we strongly oppose all kinds of violence and abuse against women and call upon the Ministry for familiy and the entire society to solidarity.

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