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EIDOS, FOX, IO Interactive

The passionless contract killer Agent 47 has risen as one of the greatest assassins in game entertainment history. His persona, that of a intelligent and silent killer has been most alarmingly been matched with the actor Vin Diesel as was announced by "comingsoon.net". In the interest in respecting the character of Agent 47 in any sort of cinematic rendition of him, it is the purpose of this petition to ensure Vin Diesel is replaced with an actor to better represent Hitman.

David Bateson the actor who performed voice acting for Hitman 47 in a variety of Hitman game titles seems to be a popular choice among those most familiar with 47's background.

Regardless of the actor those hereby signed and I plead to those parties involved that Vin Diesel is not made Hitman in a future game releases associated with the Hitman series and secondly not with any Movie based on Hitman.

I hearby affix my name to this online document as a symbol of my agreement that Vin Diesel should not play Hitman 47, cheifly in future game installments (voice or likeness) and additionally advise against his personality as Hitman 47 in any movie.

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