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We the residents of The Villages at Rancho El Dorado sign this petition in support of our local school site.

We present this petition to the Maricopa School Board in order to ask that “The Villages” site be moved to the top of the new Maricopa schools building plan.

On August 23, 2006 The Villages School site was approved in a 5-0 vote. However there are currently other school sites, scheduled to be built prior to “The Villages” site. They are for two communities that are not as complete and in need as “The Villages”.

In mid September The Villages will transition to homeowner owned and be over 75% built out with a high percentage of the home owners having school aged children. We feel our school site is of a higher priority due to this fact.

Due to the increased population in Maricopa a huge strain has been put on the current school infrastructure. As it stands now many children are bussed from their communities to schools in adjacent areas. This takes extra man power time and equipment. For many of them this path takes them over the railroad tracks. This is not only unsafe but potentially interferes with the school day with delays when stopped by a passing train or passenger train.

The decision to develop this site first will help in elevating the congestion already in place in neighboring schools and provide for a closer and safer environment for the children of our community.

The sooner this site can be developed for a new school the quicker this inconvenience can be eliminated.

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