#Animal Welfare
Ziggy Wilf and the Minnesota Vikings
United States of America

Michael Vick should not be discussed as Quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings. He is not worthy to wear purple and would be a disgrace to those who have been long time fans.

It isn't just the dog fighting, it is also the fact that he tortured and killed dogs on a frequent ongoing basis and only stopped when he got caught. He electrocuted, drown, hung and beat dogs to death for entertainment.

See article reprinted with permission from author http://blogs.citypages.com/blotter/2014/03/adrian_peterson_michael_vick_vikings_tweet.php

We, the fans of Minnesota Vikings, as well as others who are fans of dogs, request that Ziggy Wilf and the Minnesota Vikings do not hire Michael Vick as Quarterback or in any position associated with the Vikings or NFL.

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