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The Victoria Pool is a living breathing national landmark, treasure and economic enhancement for Saratoga Springs from the day it opened, July 26,1935. It has never been closed even during WWII when Saratoga Racetrack was closed for two years.

The Attendance at the Victoria Pool has vastly increased in recent years. The Pool's physical structure has had extensive repairs, restoration and attention paid to it since the inception of the ‘Save the Victoria Pool Society’ in Summer, 2003.

Victoria Pool is used by Day Camps, Tourists, Gideon Putnam guests, and a sea of devoted local and regional individuals and families.

The Pool has the potential of reaping greater profits for the state with expanded hours of service. Opening on Memorial Day and/or Restoring Season Tickets would all aid in increased revenue. At $8.00 per Pool Patron, and thousands of visitors per year – how can this not be a money maker for the State of New York?

The Victoria Pool is a beautiful and magical meeting place for people from all over the state, country and world including our cherished and famous Summer guests: The NYC Ballet and Philadelphia Orchestra.

We need to be drawn together against this down-sizing of our local resources. Saratoga Spa State Park, Saratoga Springs and Saratoga County will suffer with this proposed closure. We, as tax-paying citizens, need to tell our elected representatives what we want for our community.


We as tax-paying citizens need to make it clear to our elected officials and representatives that preserving the historic landmark - Victoria Pool needs to be high priority for our, city, county and state.

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