Victims of Torture and human Rights Abuse by the Canadian Government

I am a social activist and writer, currently living in Canada and is aware of the Canadian government's actions in regards to human rights abuse in this country and particularly those perpetrated against individuals. Such persons, including this writer, are subjected to the violations of their individual rights and freedom that are protected under international laws, such as those of the United Nations Charter on Human Rights. In its attacks that are directed against specific individuals and subjecting them to both physical and psychological torture, the Canadian government have violated those person's rights not to be subjected to such treatment. It is a violation under Article 5 of the United Nations Charter dealing with victims of torture and abuse by a particular government. The Canadian government have been subjecting individuals to this kind of treatment for a long time, unnoticed by both Human Rights Organizations operating inside of Canada and others, including the U.N. I became personally aware of this issue when I was subjected to this form of treatment by the Canadian government directly, as well as being aware of others who likewise have had their rights violated by the Canadian government, by being personally targeted by the government through either individuals or agencies acting on behalf of the Canadian government. It included the police, but is not exclusive to them only. Victims of torture and other government abuse are targeted in different ways by this government. They will find that all of their efforts are blocked and even when suspecting the government's hand in this, they often find that it is hard to both get help, or to have the perpetrators investigated for their actions committed against them. They will find, like I did, that it is an organized effort on the part of not only individuals but entire Canadian government agencies, working together towards a common goal. That of targeting such individuals for their own personal reasons, which the individual sometimes, may or may not even be aware of. They will experience many attacks, characteristic of governments that have targeted individuals, including but not limited to, slander of their name or character, a blockage in their efforts to see the administration of justice in regards to their cases and many other forms of human rights abuse. Some government agencies, such as the police and others, will use agent provocateurs against such individuals and there really are no limits to the methods that are employed by these individuals or the government agency that they represent, in attacking such persons. Victims of torture finds no relief in contacting human rights organizations in this country, as many of them do not have a mandate, to deal specifically with the issues that are faced by victims of torture or human rights abuse by this goverment, on an individual level. Most do not care either, but are only after the money that are availble to them, through their organizations, that I might add, do not go towards such human rights abuse in this country. After becoming aware of this dilema that is faced by so many countless persons in this country, including myself, I decided to expose this government's hypocrisy on the subject of human rights abuse in its own country and particularly those involving targeted individuals who have done no wrong, but whose rights have been violated by this government's actions against them. They, like everyone else, have certain protection under the law and especially in regards to international laws set up to protect them from such treatments by a particular government. In conclusion, I would like to reiterate, that most human rights violations in this country, by the Canadian government, is because of the fact that this governent is basically corrupted. This is the truth. That the Canadian government is one of the most corrupted governments existing today. Most people are not aware of the corruption involved in the day to day operations of this government. It includes every level of government and its various agencies and individuals within those agencies, who have abuse their power and the public's trust in their office and who have also acted with criminal intent in most of their undertakings, either for personal reasons or as a general rule in the way that this government operates. I say this because there is no general protection offered to those whose rights have been violated by the Canadian government, whether they are individuals or groups of people. It cannot be a coincidence that the Canadian government chose to ignore the rights of certain persons or groups in this country, or to attack them, either on an individual basis or as a group. Whatever the reasons are for this, it must stop because each person is guranteed protection under the law and especially those dealing with the protection of their basic human rights, which currently this government seems to ignore. The corruption of individuals within this government or of the different government agencies acting for their own benefit and not those of the public, are what constitute the kind of corruption that is so characteristic of this government. This is also where most of the complaints of human rights abuse directed at individuals comes in. Those persons acting outside of their duties to the public and in a criminal manner, towards individuals, for reasons that are unjustified, either by acting for personal reasons or collectively on behalf of this government, that violates those person's fundamental rights not to be treated in such manner or to be subjected to such actions from this government that may be interpreted as interfering with their basic human rights that are protected under the U.N. Charter under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which everyone are entitled to. Currently this is not the case with the Canadian government who have chosen to ignore the U.N. Charter on respecting the rights of persons in its own country and subjecting them to treatments that are against international laws. By signing the petition on behalf of such victims of human rights abuse in this country, you are making a public statement against this government's actions that are presently against international standards, which it has violated. You can make an even bolder statement by also publicly denouncing its intentions to build a museum dedicated to human rights! Read more about this on my blog at for more information on the Canadian government's human rights abuse.

Victim of torture and human rights abuse by the Canadian government, currently need your help, when their individual rights and freedom are violated, through the actions of the Canadian government, that are perpetrated against them directly. Please sign the petition to bring awareness to this form of human right abuse by the Canadian government, who have targeted specific individuals, such as social activist, journalists and anyone who advocate on behalf of social justice in this country, or who have been targeted by the Canadian government for other reasons. It is a violation of their rights, and this action by the Canadian government should stop.

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