#Human Rights
AMVOW will present to Congress
United States of America

All Veterans' disabilities, injuries or illness's effects their capability to live and provide for themselves and family.

1:4 homeless are Veterans, and there are rising suicide death counts among Veterans, greater than battle field deaths.

Anyone signing this petition has experienced or is aware of one or more of the following: long lines for any treatment or service, long hours on hold, mistreatment, unprofessional treatment, misdirected treatment (treatment of unrelated or resultant from main injury over chief complaint) or non-treatment all together by the Dept of Veteran Affairs.

One reason for underlying problem for long lines at the VA facilities can be attributed to unsatisfied patients who keep returning over and over to seek proper attention. If treated correctly the first time this would prevent such long lines.

It's time to demand Veterans receive the Honor and treatment they deserve, for serving our Country.

We call on Congress to hold the Department of Veteran Affairs to a higher standard of accountability for the complacent and/or overdue treatment of Veterans in relation to the true nature of ailments or injuries.

We call on Congress to support:

1) a Bill of Veterans' Rights,

2) Standard of accountability for VA staff and process's to be measured by Veterans,

3) a more defined 38CFR to provide disability percentages within the definitions, determining factors and subcategories so Veterans' can better assist in providing the correct approach to their disability claims and to help the VA medical board that they may discover Veteran's claim of injury more effectively,

4) and availability of funding for Veterans' rights groups who provide half-way housing to homeless Veterans, with assistance in requesting such funding.

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