House of Blues New Orleans
United States of America

We want Ben Jewell and his band Ventruss to play on May 27th 2018 at the House of Blues where they will share the stage with and open up for the amazing band Trivium.

If you're a lover of metal music or even just a fan of live music then you will understand that having Ventruss play on the night of May 27th 2018 at the House of Blues in New Orleans, Louisiana during the Trivium show would be an absolute pleasure for everyone's ears. You may not be familiar with either band if you are not an avid listener of Heavy Metal, but I can personally assure you that by signing this petition you will help make many people's dream come true. Thanks to everyone in advance for taking the time to read and sign this petition in honor of having Ventruss put on a killer show with Matthew Kichi Heafy and his band Trivium at the House of Blues New Orleans.

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