A petition to the Nuncio in Canada to ask Cardinal Peter Turkson to decline his invitation to the "Vatican II for the Next Generation" Conference at St. Paul's University in Ottawa, scheduled for September 27-29, 2012.

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Most Rev. Pedro López Quintana
Apostolic Nuncio to Canada, Apostolic Nunciature
724 Manor Ave. Ottawa, ON K1M 0E3

cc. Most Rev. Terrence Prendergast, Archbishop of Ottawa

Your Excellency,

This coming September 27-29, St. Paul's University will be hosting a Conference on the Second Vatican Council. We believe it is incumbent upon us to alert your Excellency regarding some of the individuals who will be participating at this event, their doctrinal positions, and even some of their personal histories.

Cardinal Peter Turkson is also scheduled to appear at this Conference. We are therefore respectfully asking you to inform His Eminence of the problematic nature of the Conference, considering the dissenting positions held by its participants. We would hope that a Cardinal of the Church and representative of His Holiness would avoid an occasion of scandal which would be caused by his appearance and participation.

As you are no doubt aware, your Excellency, the Holy Father has consistently maintained that the documents of the Vatican II must be understood and interpreted in light of our Catholic Tradition, in a "hermeneutic of continuity", to use his nomenclature. This is, of course, opposed to the "hermeneutic of rupture or discontinuity" which the Holy Father has criticised and denounced as a break from our Holy Tradition.

But it is very likely that many, if not even most, of the individuals at this Conference are advocating positions not only against our Holy Father's vision of Vatican II, but also other positions which are seriously contrary to Catholic teaching. After a brief perusal of the speakers and panelists of this upcoming Conference, we wish to bring to your attention the problematic positions of many of its participants:

Gregory Baum - ex-priest who married a former nun then proceeded to "divorce" her; dissenter from Humanae Vitae and supporter of the infamous Winnipeg Statement; supporter of same-sex "marriage".

Bishop Remi De Roo - certified Enneagram teacher; associated with dissident groups International Federation of Married Catholic Priests and Call to Action.

Both Baum and +De Roo are advocates of the hermeneutics of rupture:

“…the continued implementation of the Council is being undermined by Conservative Catholics, aided by the Vatican, [Baum] said. “A conservative movement, sponsored by the Vatican itself, remains attached to the old paradigm, overlooks the bold texts of the conciliar documents and tries to restore the Catholicism of yesterday,” he claimed. “Vatican II may suffer neglect for a certain time, but as an ecumenical council it cannot be invalidated.” He says that as pope, Benedict XVI has been “inconsistent,” emphasizing ‘proclamation’ at certain points and ‘dialogue’ at others. While the late Pope John Paul II focused on dialogue in dealing with other religions, said Baum, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger emphasized “proclamation” against relativism. “Will the Pope change his mind again?” he asked. “On this issue the magisterium is presently inconsistent.” (Source)

Dick Gaillardetz - dissenter on the infallible nature Ordinatio Sacerdotalis, dissenter on the Church's absolute prohibition of contraceptive acts; holds many other problematic doctrinal positions; criticized by his own bishop for his position on legalized abortion; member of Obama's "Catholic" Advisory Council

According to the National Post, Gaillardetz called the Pope's action to lift the excommunication of the SSPX bishops "an abysmal decision". Indicating that Pope Benedict does not have an appreciation for "the symbolic gesture" as John Paul II did, he stated, "[Benedict] doesn't think about or consider ... the larger consequences of his actions." He said, further, "many of us in the Catholic Church have become accustomed to putting the best face on some politically ill-considered moves by the Vatican."

Catherine Clifford - Clifford has complained that theologians labor under “episcopal suspicion” and asserted that theologians “exhibit loyalty to the magisterium only insofar as the magisterium exhibits its own proper service to God’s word,” a formula that allows theologians the final judgment as to what constitutes God’s word....Clifford and Gaillardetz defined the role of the theologian as that of preserving “the priority of the lived faith of the Church over its doctrinal formulations,” implying that the two are incompatible. But, having excluded both hierarchical authority and “popular opinion,” the two theologians seemed by default to leave the professionals as the people uniquely qualified to determine what is or is not “lived faith.” (Source)

Sister Joan Cronin, Executive Director of Institute of Catholic Education - deficient position on homosexual orientation and its relation to Catholic education.

Gilles Routhier, priest-professor, theologian - problematic role in the remarkable betrayal of the fundamental right of Catholic parents to determine their children’s religious formation.

Dr. Margaret Lavin, Assistant Professor, Contextual Theology, Regis College (UofT) - advocates demotion of Catholic hierarchical understanding of the Church; clear advocate of the hermeneutic of rupture; one of Lavin's books calls for a new way of "being church" and "sets an agenda for Vatican III".

Your Excellency, the Church is in crisis, in part, because our spiritual fathers in authority have not taken action against the dissent which has infiltrated the Church. The children of the Church have a right to be taught true doctrine and teaching in harmony with the Church's magisterium and the Holy Father's vision of the Church. We hope that you will agree with us that the time of laxity and permissiveness on the part of those in authority in the Church is now over, and it is high time that some correction and discipline be imposed on those who seek their own agendas and how to "be Church". Otherwise, your Excellency - and we want to stress this point in particular - the principles of "Communion", "fidelity", and even "scandal" become meaningless words that have no significance to anyone, neither to the dissenters nor to Faithful Catholics. It all becomes one rather large bowl of salad in the unfortunate cafeteria of relativistic religion.

For the past 40 years, your Excellency, the Faithful laity have seen the disastrous effects of what happens to the Church when those in authority eschew the Cross of Our Lord and instead seek the respect of the world, the unbalanced, the perverse, the clever, and the proud.

We, the undersigned, therefore lift our voices to the Church to ask for what is our right as Catholics to have a faithful witness to the Truth of the Gospel and loyalty to the Roman Pontiff. And we have a right, your Excellency, for those in authority (like yourself and Cardinal Turkson) to respect that right and do whatever is in their power to ensure that scandal is neither fostered nor tolerated. A message needs to be sent to correct those in error.

Now suppose one of your fathers is asked by his son for a fish; he will not give him a snake instead of a fish, will he? - Luke 11:11

Let the answer to Jesus' question to the long- suffering Faithful be a resounding "no", your Excellency...for a change.

Rest assured of our prayers for your ministry in serving the Holy Father here in Canada.

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