The target is the npsc system in Northbay

A person I know in my school was suspended for having a vape on school ground while he was using it at Smoker's square at Scollard. He wasn't smoking since he quit, and he has been able to quit by using his vaporizer. But instead of looking at this as beneficial, the school gave him an in-school suspension for using it. Myself has been kicked out of class for my vape falling out of my bag during a lesson. Even though I wasn't using it.

For a while now, St. Joseph Scollard Hall and other schools in the area have been given the rule not to use "vapes" on school ground, or even bring them to school (EVEN IF IT'S IN OUR BAG). Now I do see the concern with vapes having "oxy's" in them and other drugs. But the school system should trust us! Most students who do use vaporizers, use them to try to quit smoking or just for fun to impress their peers. Is that so bad? Would you rather a child under your watch create a worse of a smoking habit, or give them the freedom to stop it? My petition is all about letting vapes become legal in our school system again. Too many students have had detentions, suspensions, notes home, etc because of this-- it's time to stop this rule.

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