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CD Project red

In Polygon's playthrough of the tabletop RPG Cyberpunk Red, (you can find the playthrough on their YouTube channel or just click this link https://youtu.be/oCp_2hqguUg) we are introduced to three main characters, Vang0 Bang0, Streamer and Amnesiac moderator of a somewhat popular forum on the jumpstart net. Dapper Dasha, a fixer who looks exactly like Winona Ryder If she was about a foot taller, and Burger Chainz, Lover of life, Vans, and bashing people's heads in. Over the course of the 2 hour game, we live, laugh, and grow with these characters. learning that, being there for eachother is the best thing we can be. Even when the rain starts to pour.

We the Undersigned, call on CD projekt red to include Vang0 Bang0, Dapper Dasha, and Burger Chaniz; in their upcoming video game: CyberPunk 2077. Placing them either as a sidequest in the main game, or in a future DLC Expansion.

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