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Ontario highway transportation Board

This service is meant to upgrade the transportation from Barrie to Toronto and back this is for the many people who drive to Toronto daily some who are ridesharing others that carpool and the majority who travel the 400 HWY regularly. We are proposing another option of transportation in an effort to elevate traffic, reduce pollution and most importantly give travelers a safe alternative to riding in a car with random strangers. This service will be safe our drivers have a full background check and have the necessary license to transport people. We are proposing this service to provide a safe way to travel that people can trust instead of relying on strangers who offer carpooling and ridesharing. Our goal is to provide security for passengers less pollution for the environment and unblock the traffic as much as we can. We will move forward with this mission. Barrie carpool parking lot on Essa road and Finch station Toronto will be used as a pick up/drop of points .

We understand that more than a half of the population of Barrie and area are working in the GTA. There is only a small amount of people using a safe public transportation. Most people are traveling by cars ,many people using some form of ridesharing. Ridesharing and carpool is a huge way for Canadians to get around in today world.  

When you seek a rideshare do you know who your driver is? Do you know what the condition of the car you are driving in? Do you know if they have insurance? and/or What their insurance coverage is? Mostly not! These are questions most of us have not considered. All the passenger wants is to get to there destination fast from one point to another. They don't think that they might be putting themselves in danger with a driver with no experience or a car that is not safe! So we came up with an idea to provide a safe and secure new platform of ridesharing and carpool for those people who request it . We provide 100% secure service by choosing experienced drivers with a background check. By using comfortable vans for 15 passengers. We want to provide them with a service that is safe and secure on a new platform that exists all around the world making people lives easier for many years. Now we are asking Ontario highway board to allow this service for people in Ontario, Barrie to Toronto will be our start. Because we all deserve it.!

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