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In the UK, 1 in 100 women aged between 15 and 30, suffers from anorexia and it is estimated that 8% of women will develop bulimia at some point in their lives.

Reports show girls as young as five years of age have weight concerns, and think about going on a diet. Females are not the only ones being effected either. Approximately 10% of people with eating disorders in the UK are men.

1 in 20 people will have died from causes related to anorexia. (Causes of death include infections, dehydration, blood chemistry problems, such as low potassium levels, and suicide.)

As we all know the media does not help by showing us celebrities and models not as they are but airbrushed in magazines, advertisements, billboards, TV and Cinema.

Air brushing includes changing the body contours, enlarging breasts, shrinking fat and body parts. They even change nose shapes and other facial features.

Anorexia as well as other eating disorders may include many factors such as child abuse, low self esteem, neglect, depression and distorted body image.

However, The pressure from society and the media to be 'thin and beautiful' is thought to play a big part and makes sense as anorexia is much more common in westernised countries and is becoming growingly a worldwide problem due to the world’s access to the internet.

Some celebrities are an unhealthy and frightening size zero whilst others need help to keep up with this phenomenon by being airbrushed. I know we can not stop the media from doing this, BUT we can ask the government to step in and make it compulsory for magazines to put a health notice on the cover or editorial page, stating that the pictures are airbrushed and does not represent a natural person.

We owe it to our loved ones who are comparing, that this is not realistic, however, it is much more effective if we see it on paper, factual and in black and white.

The government took their time to put warning signs on cigarette cartons but now we have the facts right in front of us every time we light up, and it is clear cigarettes are bad for us, thus the warning signs have started the process and altering our previous perception.

Help me do the same for people with eating disorders and women and men everywhere who may be being bullied into something that is so unnecessary and help people get healthy both in mind and body and in turn save lives.

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