Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada

Who will get vaccinated first
Everyone who lives in Canada will have access to a safe, effective and free COVID-19 vaccine in 2021.

Vaccination has started and will be expanded to the entire population throughout 2021 as vaccine supply increases.

Doses for the whole population will arrive at different times. A phased approach to vaccine delivery will begin with the arrival of limited doses, which will be prioritized for high-risk people.

Priority high-risk groups
residents and staff of shared living settings that provide care for seniors
adults 70 years of age and older, beginning with adults 80 years of age and older, and then decreasing the age limit by 5-year increments to age 70 years as supply becomes available
health care workers who have direct contact with patients, including those who work in health care settings and personal support workers
adults in Indigenous communities

As additional COVID-19 vaccine(s) and supplies become available, the following populations should be offered vaccinations:
health care workers not included in the initial rollout
residents and staff of all other shared living settings, such as homeless shelters, correctional facilities, and housing for migrant workers
essential workers who face additional risks to maintain services for the functioning of society

As a law abiding tax payer of this country I am totally appalled at the Canadian Government for the distribution and priorities of citizens for the COVID vaccines.
It has come to my attention that the government has announced it will be vaccinating prisoners in federal penitentiaries first; and not their guards.

First of all, the prisoners are NOT law abiding, and most of them have not been tax paying citizens who have contributed to this country. Why are they allowed to get vaccination prior to people who has been paying taxes, worked all our life and abided by the law? The prisoners are there for a reason. People who paid taxes and keeps paying the taxes that keeps them behind bars; don’t care if they get sick from COVID. Their incarceration should not be the reason they get the vaccine before law abiding citizens. Why does our rights to good health and getting the vaccination come after theirs? It makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE!
Another poor decision is that prisoners are getting the vaccination at the same time as the guards who are required to run and keep the penitentiaries safe. There is no different from vaccinating the guards first, than vaccinating the doctors, nurses and health care workers prior to the patients. It makes sense that you would vaccinate those in the the position to make a difference and keep everyone safe from harm.
I am signing this petition, so that the government will change the distribution of this vaccination so that law abiding, tax paying citizens get the vaccine before those incarcerated.

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