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Township of Essa

The good.....
During the past 5 years, through the efforts of a small committee, the political leaders and staff of Essa Township and a generous community, an 1864 Gristmill was saved from wrecker's ball and privatization.

Our vision has been to preserve and restore this historic building into a viable, long-term, working mill, serving the educational, tourism and cultural interests of the people of Essa Township and Simcoe County.

The committee was asked to work to match the townships funds and in 2003 this was acheived, resulting in a total of $428,000 being raised for the mill's restoration. This money is being held in trust by the township who was charged with the responsibility of managing the restoration efforts.

The tenders for the project came in at $407,000. Work on the mill began in the Fall of 2003 and has been partially completed.

The bad......
On June 30th, Township Council will decide whether or not to continue the project. This situation has come without warning and their imposed date has left us with little time to protest. This is disrespectful to the hard work of the community and the good faith donations and sponsorships to-date.

We ask for your support to petition our Council to continue to work with our community and complete our mill's restoration.

To Township of Essa: I/we the undersigned believe the Utopia Gristmill should continue to be preserved and restored as a working mill and conservation and educational resource for the benefit of Essa residents, Canadians, International visitors, Historical and Conservation enthusiasts and other concerned organizations. Therefore, I/we are asking the Township of Essa to continue and renew their support of the past 5 years to ensure a preserved, renovated, publicly accessible, and long-term viable working Gristmill.

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