Island Def Jam, Utada's management, and THE DOOR
United States of America

Within a decade Utada has gain an unimaginable success outside of the U.S. Her previous works in and outside of the U.S has reached the ears of several listeners gaining her a fan base in the U.S.

When the album, "This is the One," was digitally released it placed number 2 on iTunes and when the physical album was released it debued at number 69 on Billboard Top 200 albums. These achievements greatly reflect the support of fans towards Utada.

Utada had scheduled a few promotional events after the physical release of “This is the One”. However, due to sudden illness it was not possible at that time. Although promotional activities have stopped for some time we believe that Utada’s “This is the One” has potential to achieve greater success if promotional activity is resumed.

In addition several fans hope to see Utada perform in the U.S. Even though the current fan base is small compare to other well known artist in the U.S, we feel Utada would be able to max out the capacity of modest size venues, for example, House of Blues. With further promotion Utada’s fan base can grow and in the future be able to perform in venues with larger capacity.

This is a petition from Utada's fans to Island Def Jam, THE DOOR, and Utada’s Management that humbly requests for Utada to resume her US schedule and to perform in modest size venues.

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The Utada Tour: please resume US schedule and perform in modest sized venues petition to Island Def Jam, Utada's management, and THE DOOR was written by Esperanza and is in the category Music at GoPetition.

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