Yuu Kou and Tomoko Konparu

If we get our luck in having a second season in UtaPri, who knows what challenges Haruka will face, and maybe a deeper romance between her and Starish. And also, do you remember the "unknown" guys at Starish's concert?

The ones who are in front of Shining when he bursts out? We might even know who they are in the S2. So please! We need a S2 of UtaPri! >.<

We, the fangirls and fanboys (if there are), are humbly asking to help us sign this petition for a SECOND SEASON of UTA NO PRINCE-SAMA.

We are also requesting the Director and Writer (Yuu Kou and Tomoko Konparu) to grant our request for a S2 of Uta No Prince-sama. Please.

We really love UtaPri. We are even left questioning for the "unknown" guys at Starish's concert. And we're hoping to see another romance between Haruka-san and Starish. And we also want to see Kaoru Kurusu's appearance if possible. And even, Ringo-sensei's male form. Onegai!

We are really begging! Please create a Season 2!

Sincerely Yours,
Fangirls and Fanboys of Uta no Prince-sama!

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