#City & Town Planning
St. John's NL CA city council

Whereas the city of St. John's NL CA has in its jurisdiction only one enclosed off lead park set aside for use of dogs and their owners.

Whereas there are a number of enclosed ball parks in the center of the city of St. John's and within St. John's city limits that are only in use for only three months of the year.

Whereas ball parks are locked and inaccessible to citizens for approximately 9 months of the year.

We the undersigned ask the city councillors of St. John's NL Ca to designate specific enclosed ball fields that are under the jurisdiction of the City of St.John's as off lead enclosed spaces for dogs and their owners in the off season.

The human companions of such dogs who use such designated facilities will abide by city of St. John's NL CA Animal Control BY-LAW NO. 1514 and the
AMENDMENT NO. 1516 subject to penalties so described.

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