The President of The United States
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President Trump, as supporters, we took you at your word. This is a disappointment for Trump Supporters. This petition is for President Trump Supporters that are outraged that Our President that is going to make the USA great again, just turned his back within a week of his Presidency to support "big industry", gas line, over our fight to preserve and remain Standing With Standing Rock. We stand against The Keystone and Dakota Pipeline.
As Supporters, this petition is to let you know, as supporters, we took a man at his word. We stand firm with Standing Rock! Man can not live without water.

We the under signed, ask President Trump to stand by his word by Making America Great, keeping our Native Lands preserved, protecting our waters and not be influenced by the all mighty dollar. But to come on a Journey to actually MAKE AMERICA great without trading our lively hood for the almighty dollar. We voted for change. We ask President Trump to complete his promises to his supporters. You have been in office less than a week. We voted you to be our Stand Up President. Do that by Standing with us by Standing With Standing Rock, supporting Native America, and Our New America that you promised. Sincerely, your supporters, MAG! (Make America Great)

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