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ESAT television, in a public address it made to the people of Gondar, on August 06, 2016, ESAT journalist Mesay Mekonnen broadcasted that “the difficulty that we (Ethiopians) are facing now is not between the oppressor government/regime and the oppressed people, as other countries are facing. What we Ethiopians are now facing is between a small minority ethnic group, representing five percent of the Ethiopian population, who wants to rule Ethiopia subjugating others and the subjugated peoples. And the solution for what we are facing at this time is “drying the water so as to catch (kill) the fish.”
As any reasonable humankind can or should understand from the above piece statement alone, ESAT television clearly declared that the conflict is between the people of Tigray and other ethnic communities in Ethiopia. By saying so, it tried to persuade the public that the existing Ethiopian government is the government of Tigray. Regularly, it use repetitively the terms ‘ Woyane regime’ in order to create a false impression or misleading image that it is formed by the members of Tigray alone.
In this speech, the term ‘water’ was beyond doubt used to mean the Tigray people and the term ‘fish’ was absolutely meant to mean the ruling government of Ethiopia. Accordingly, drying the water so as to catch (kill or control) the fish means exterminating the Tigray ethnic society so as to cause the downfall of the ruling government of Ethiopia. In other words, it means that there is a need to massacre the population Tigray in order to annihilate the TPLF. This was not a call to kill against individual members of Tigray people, but it was a call against the entire Tigray people extermination

The US based TV and Radio station is calling Genocide on Tigreans. The TV anchor Mr. Mesay explicitly calling on his TV broadcast the 95 million Ethiopians should Kill the 5 million Tigreans what ever Men, Women, baby or pregnant.

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