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INDOT has requested public input on the proposed road and bridge improvements on US 52/Brookville Road between Post Road and CR 700 W in Hancock County.

We are the citizens that live in this area and believe revisions need to be made to the intersection of US 52 and CR 700W. Improvements to US 52 and CR 600W were made several years ago with no right hand turn lanes.

That intersection should have had right-hand turn lanes and we do not want the same mistake made there that is being proposed at US 52 and CR 700W.

We believe the intersection of US 52 and CR 700 W needs a right-hand turn lane on west-bound US 52.

This will help prevent rear-end collisions and improve traffic flow at this intersection.

The east-bound lane of US 52 does has proposed right and left turn lanes.

The west-bound lane needs right-hand turn lanes also.

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