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Ugandan President Museveni is expected to commit election fraud in January, 2021, as he has done in the past. His security forces are violently oppressing people living in areas that support opposition candidate Bobi Wine. Many people have died, and the violence is expected to get worse as the election nears in January.
The Ugandan media has been shutdown, and now internet networks are not working properly. News is not able to get from Uganda to the outside world, and families cannot receive money being sent by relatives and friends abroad.



The UN must take urgent action to stop deadly government repression in Uganda!

International pressure is needed to prevent President Museveni’s government from continuing to murder, torture, purposely starve, and intimidate innocent people throughout Uganda. He has been especially targeting neighborhoods where there is popular support for the opposition presidential candidate Bobi Wine, leading up to the country’s Election Day on January 14, 2021.

President Museveni has unleashed military and police forces, along with organized thugs, to terrorize, torture, rob and kill people in their own homes, as well as on the streets. Museveni has also utilized the covid 19 shutdown to create mass starvation conditions, purposely withholding food distribution in these targeted neighborhoods, knowing there is no way for people to make money to buy food during the pandemic. Many have already starved to death during the last several months, and others have been shot dead by police when leaving their homes.

After presidential opposition candidate Bobi Wine was arrested on November 18 for the second time (for allegedly violating covid restrictions simply by campaigning), security forces intensified their campaign of violence against citizens. People in Kampala have recently reported military units (and paramilitary thugs) surrounding their homes, forcibly entering their premises, stealing belongings, and killing people. One person reported that 34 of his neighbors had to flee their homes because of this. All of them took refuge in his home, and together they fought off a military forced entry and attack at his residence as well.

Due to Ugandan media being silenced, people have resorted to sending pictures and phone videos to friends and relatives abroad, attempting to get news out. One recent cellphone video clearly shows a soldier shooting directly at a woman who was filming from her office window. Other sent media includes photos of dead bodies, mutilated and injured people, and still others show people begging for their lives in front of military firing squads.

Internet services are currently being shutdown for both social media messaging and money wiring to Uganda. Wired money is the only way many families have been surviving during the pandemic, and this makes the situation they are facing much worse. Lack of access to social media means that the outside world will not know what is happening in Uganda during this very tense time.

We, the undersigned, demand theUN take immediate action against Museveni and his government’s genocidal violence

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