#Shopmobility Sheffield
as many as possible
United Kingdom

Shopmobility Sheffield has been in existance since 1997 and offers support to disabled, elderly and people with limited mobility to enable them to feel the freedom and independance that many others take for granted.


Shopmobility is seeking URGENT HELP from users of our charity or those who have used our charity in the past or anyone who would like to support our cause. Those who know about us and think we do great job for our users can also help as well. In 2004 we were in receipt of 26.5k and continually have received cuts annually to our budget, so much so that we only received 18.9k this year.

When you consider that during this time we have increased the service user's from around 500 to 6,500 whilst funds have continued to drop. It is imperative that Sheffield City Council increase their support of the service in order for us to survive and continue to thrive.

We are asking everyone whether your from sheffield or not or have interest in supporting the service to sign our E-petition and to also comment below in order for us to gather as many replies as is possible. We have people come from outside the city visiting relatives/friends what use our service as well. We have around 4,000 signatures altogether so far and we need 5k to make the council talk about our petition.

Many thanks in advance for supporting our campaign we have had over 2,000 views but we really need to turn the views into signatures. If you could stick the link of our petition on your twitter account or Facebook that would be great thank you.

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