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Preliminary research and report to Governor Jerry Brown, Attorney General Xavier Becerra, reporter and consumer advocate - http://tiny.cc/n12xly

Wells Fargo has admitted to creating fake accounts, first estimated to be 2.5 MILLION total, recently increased to around 4 MILLION, allegedly has changed mortgage terms without the knowledge of borrowers and in late 2016 reached a settlement with the Department of Justice for illegally repossessing servicemembers' cars. Banks such as Wells Fargo cannot be allowed to commit fraudulent acts such as these on the American people.

Wells Fargo and other Wall Street lenders made an agreement with the state of CA in 2012, the Natonal Mortgage Settlement (NMS), to address the harm done to homeowners for practices such as robosigning, including fraudulently signing mortgage and foreclosure documents and abusing foreclosure and loan modification processes. These lenders/servicers werer charged with fixing the systems which affect all mortgage accounts that are held or serviced and to assure valid transactions and complete chain of documents. As part of this agreement the state was to provide around $300,000,000 of legal aid which was used for other purposes it was alleged in a lawsuit against the state.

There is more and more evidence that the NMS and it's oversight has been corrupted much as it's predecessor the 2012/2013 Independent Foreclosure Review (IFR). The IFR was to pay up to $125,000 for damages to homeowners. In the end, the average payout was $870 and possibly as low as $300 typically, while bank employees themeselves were involved with the “independent” review or consultants were influenced by the banks to the point where Chase had less than 1 percent error in the IFR process whereas HUD found a 97.2% error rate. While homeowners split $3 billion in damages, the bank's consultants “earned” $2 billion which came out to $20,000 per file.

CA county records and homeowner cases reflect that these abuses continue and that homeowners were and are deprived of due process in government agenies and the courts as banks and servicers take homes and destroy lives with no regard to the CA Homeowner Bill of Rghts and/or settlements and local laws that have not been enforced.

Please contact CA Governor Jerry Brown, Attorney General Xavier Becerra and your local representatives.

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Unfair and possibly unlawful eviction of Robert Sexton and his wife Dolores, taking place Tuesday, 6/20/17.

Please see the Tracy Seipel of the Mercury News article at https://www.nationalmortgagenews.com/articles/loan-scheme-costs-couple-their-san-mateo-home

From the article:

- fraudulent loan modification company took $30,000 to $40,000 and misled the Sextons into believing they were taking legal steps to protect their home;
- Wells Fargo demanded complete payment of the purported debt and claim there is nothing they can do according to Alfredo Padilla, a bank spokesman;
- Andrea Higgens, an investigator at the San Mateo County District Attorney's Office says her office would “...love to do whatever we can to help them.”

We demand that Wells Fargo not be allowed to profit or cover up any fraud or violations of laws, or to violate the Constitutional rights that Mr. Sexton bravely fought for to protect all Americans.

In the same selflless spirit as Mr. Sexton shows to help others we ask that the eviction of the Sextons IMMEDIATELY be placed on hold and the following be reviewed and enforced in Mr. Sexton's case, and to prevent the continuing abuse of all homeowners and consumers by a review of all current foreclosures and the county records of San Mateo and all counties in California.

- the Homeowner Bill of Rights which includes demonstrating reliable evidence of valid transactions, chain of documents, accounting and third party actions;
- option to lower interest per the Veterans Housing Benefits Program or similar options under any settlement from the 2008 financial crisis;
- application and/or enforcement of the Truth In Lending Act, RESPA and other consumer protection laws that were deprived of the Sextons by the probable criminal acts of the Endeavor Resources Group;
- legal aid mandated by the National Mortgage Settlement and other settlements.

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