#Animal Rights
Vernon County Prosecutor Lynn M. Ewing III
United States of America

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Since 2008, there have been more than 30 dead horses on the property of Thomas Reardon. It is very disheartening to stand by and know these animals are dying. The horses go for long stretches with no hay or water, even in the depths of winter.

Early this month, two other horses died. One colt was laying down and suffering; it was thrashing around on the ground. The colt had to be euthanized. The State Vet made another visit to the farm and at least two other veterinarians have been there as well.

Sheriff Ron Peckman said the paperwork in the case has been delivered to the Vernon County Prosecutor's Office. But, Vernon County Prosecutor, Lynn M. Ewing III, returned it for further investigation.

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Please feel free to call Prosecuting attorney
Lynn M. Ewing III Nevada Missouri 417 448-5555

We, the People, request the Vernon County Prosecutor, Lynn M. Ewing III, file charges against Thomas Reardon for animal cruelty and animal abuse in an action to save these horses.

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