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On November 19th, 2008 a group of US Jewish and Muslim leaders sent a letter to the Wiesenthal Center to halt the construction of the Museum of Tolerance on a historic Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem. This petition is based on that letter and you can read more about the campaign at http://cair-california.org/

We are deeply offended by the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center’s plan to move forward with construction of a ‘Museum of Tolerance’ on the Ma’manullah (Mamilla) Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem.

The cemetery is of tremendous historical and archaeological significance as well as a holy site for more than a billion Muslims worldwide. According to Muslim historians, the site was once the largest Muslim cemetery in Palestine and had approximately 15,000 graves.

Additionally, companions from Islam's Prophet Muhammad’s time, as well as famous Muslim scholars and jurists are believed to be buried there.

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Building a ‘Museum of Tolerance’ atop the cemetery, unlike the admirable goal of furthering tolerance and understanding, will only add to the existing pain and suffering of Palestinians and Israelis, irreversibly damage relations between Muslims and Jews worldwide and sow new feelings of animosity and division for generations to come.

A comprehensive path toward reconciliation in Jerusalem must include measures to respect beliefs and heal the wounds of Muslim, Christian and Jewish communities.

Therefore, we ask that the Wiesenthal Center, in the spirit of cooperation and respect for all people and faiths, relocate the planned ‘Museum of Tolerance.’ Doing so will not only save the Wiesenthal Center time and money but also help avoid fanning the flames of intolerance in that volatile region.

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