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It would appear that despite numerous attempts by concerned parties , Facebook seems to be nonchalant about the degree of offence and outrage caused by the Page and it's affiliations , namely - " Dead Baby Jokes "

The latest correspondence to a concerned Facebook user who raised the issue with a third party is indicative of this ;

"Thank you for your report to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, I can appreciate the sentiments you have expressed in your referral with regards to this website. The Facebook group you have reported to us has been brought to our attention on numerous occasions and we have made several contacts with Facebook regarding the group.

Facebook operate on various criteria for what is acceptable on their site and some pages, although highly offensive, are categorised as ‘dark humour’ and so are allowed to remain on the site. Facebook strongly believe in the support of freedom of expression. Since the page is not specifically targeting an individual or inciting any racial, religious or other hatred towards any such groups, they are unwilling to remove it.

As Facebook believe this does not violate their site’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities I believe it is highly unlikely that they will remove the site. However, a recent transcript taken from the website has been sent to Facebook with a request that they consider removing it. CEOP do not have the authority to dictate to Facebook what they can and cannot retain on their website, we have made Facebook aware of this page, as have numerous other sources and at this stage there is no other action we are able to take. However, I can appreciate your frustration on this matter. In addition from what I understand, I do not believe your local Police force will be in a position to take any further action on the issue.

Where CEOP become aware of an identifiable child or group of children who may be at risk of abuse online then we will take all steps possible to ensure that child is safeguarded. If individuals using a website commit a criminal offence towards a child then we are able to take further action."

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Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre

We, the undersigned, urge Facebook to rethink their attitude towards the page in question and all it's associates to ensure that they are removed forth with .

We , on mass , believe that material of this nature should never be given a platform on a social network site and should be treated with the same contempt as any other vile, despicable and immoral content on their website and shown a "red card"!

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