In a budget meeting on the 22nd of February Aberdeen City Council will propose that Aberdeen Music Service will cease and be replaced with a brokerage service.

In the word’s of ACC -

“Music Instructors will not be employed directly by ACC, music provision will cease as instructors are unable to continue providing this service.”

“ACC will move from employing instructors to empowering parents to book tuition directly with tutors through a brokering service.”

Page 4 http://committees.aberdeencity.gov.uk/documents/s66674/EHRIA%20employees.pdf

A brokering service would be hugely damaging to music education in the city.

At the moment ACC provides musical instruments for pupils whilst attending school – there is no guarantee of this happening in the future. Meaning that pupils will have to buy their own instruments – an option not open to many.

Bands and orchestras run in schools and by the Instrumental Music Service will cease to exist.

Additionally it is morally wrong to sack employees who have given years of dedication and then offer ‘Uber/Sports Direct’ type gig working.

The consequences of such proposals will be felt by many both across the city and nationally. The skills obtained Learning a musical instrument extends far beyond the world of music. Research has shown that it improves many skills including maths, reading, comprehension, memory, listening and social. It develops a sense of achievement, perseverance, and responsibility and team work . It improves co-ordination and concentration. It nurtures self-expression.

Performances by the pupils who learn a musical instrument through Aberdeen Music Service are immensely enjoyed throughout Aberdeen, and the city has earned a reputation throughout Scotland and beyond for producing many high calibre musicians.

We do not have much time, so we need you to share this petition with anyone you think cares about the future of music education as quickly as possible. We need to save our music tuition services which have been instrumental in Aberdeen’s development into today’s rich cultural centre. Music is something that everyone, no matter who they are or what their background is, should be able to access and enjoy. If these services go they will never return.

Please extend your support to this cause by putting your name to this petition. Thank you.
We, the undersigned, call on Aberdeen City Council to reject proposals that call for the Re-Design of Aberdeen Music Service to becoming a brokerage service.

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