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The Court System in this country was designed to enforce the laws not create them. That is what the legislative branch of our Government is for. Kentucky voters voiced their opinion when they cast their ballot to ban same sex marriage in this State. Where is the legislature for the Federal override of our State law?

Below is survey information on the percentages of Kentucky voters on this issue. Our voting rights might as well vanish if you are not going to step up and protect our votes and voices in this State to which the politicians were elected to uphold.

Public opinion for same-sex marriage in Kentucky

Survey USA 3/3/2015 -3/8/2015 1,917 registered voters 33 % support 57% against
NYT*/CBS/YouGov 9/20/14- 10/1/14 1,689 likely voters 38% support 50% against
Public Policy Polling 8/7/14-8/10/14 991 voters 30% support 61% against
Bluegrass Poll 7/18/14-7/23/14 714 registered voters 37% support 50% against
NYT/KFF** 4/8/14-4/15/14 891 registered voters 38% support 54% against
Bluegrass Poll 1/30/14-2/4/14 1,082 registered voters 35% support 55% against
Public Policy Polling 4/11/13 27% support 65% against.

*NYT- New York Times
** KFF- Kaiser Family Foundation

Please sign this Petition in hopes that our elected officials will take action on the override of our State law enacted by the Supreme Court.

Without Federal legislature the Judicial system had no legal right to circumvent and enforce a declaration that supersedes our State governing legislature. Your stance is not as much the issue as the fact that a judiciary branch was never designed to create laws they were created to enforce them.

If this is to be made Federal law that overrides individual States we need to see it go before the United States Congress which it has not.

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