Ports North Cairns

As we all know the amount of people who pass through Marlin Marina is now in the 1000's.
The waste facilities in place are now outdated and literally overflowing.
We need recycle bins along the wharf asap to help ease the congestion
that goes on board vessels, then ends up in either the compactor or overflowing bins at the back of reef fleet terminal.
We need action to prevent less rubbish entering the water due to bin overflow.
This in-turn also helps our waste footprint that is effecting our marine environment.

We the undersigned would like to put forward a government grant to Ports North for the ability to upgrade the Cairns Marlin Marina Waste Management.
With new Recycle bins placed along the public wharf and jetty and extra Facilities to help lower landfill waste and reduce waste entering the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

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