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Stanley has had a skate park for nearly 10 years now, the park was recently moved from its old location at East Stanley down to Oakies a few years back. During the relocation of the park the council did allow some minor expansion by adding two new rails which we are thankful for.

The main problem with the skate park is quality and variation of the ramps. The quarters that are currently there are very steep and unsuitable for young children riding skateboards, scooters and bmx. The more experienced and older riders in the area also have the same complaint that the transitions are not smooth at all.

The second quite large problem is the whole park is built on a hill, skate parks should be flat so that all ramps are accessible from any direction. At Oakies this is not the case.

Last year and again this year there is a skate and scooter competition held at Oakies park. The turnout for this event is quite strong and all the local riders turn up for the day. We even get riders from Consett and Chester le Street turning up for the event. This proves that park does get used and is in a key location we people enjoy using the facilities but the feedback given by everyone who attends the event is the same.

"Oakies needs more ramps", when the youths were asked what they meant by this, the response was always the same. "There should be more variation of ramps that can be used by any level rider".

We at Own It All need you to show you support in expanding Oakies Skate Park with some new ramps that can be used by any level rider.

People all ready travel to this park because its all that is available in the area, lets give them something worth travelling too and bring more people back to the park.

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