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Cornered Tigers is a dynamic and ever-expanding group of some of the most passionate Pakistan Cricket fans across the world. It is a platform which brings together the entire spectrum of the Pakistan Cricket fans, young and old, male and female, fans living in Pakistan, and fans living in the farthest corners of the world – all united by their love of the game and yet, each bringing his or her own distinctive perspective, his own take on the game to the mix. In that the group is a true microcosm of the Pakistan Cricket fans, and represents the true voice of this most passionate group of cricket fans in the world.

Not very long ago, the members of this group were the only fan base that took to the streets to raise a voice against the BIG 3 in Lahore. As time has progressed we have now witnessed how the promises made by the BIG 3 have not been kept, so much so that even the current chief of ICC speaks against the formula.

We are thrilled and enthused that PSL has finally become a reality and the group as a whole is abuzz with excitement about what PSL stands for, ought to stand for, and what it can and ought to grow into. Above everything else, we are all hopeful that it will be an essential key towards opening the doors of success and fame for Pakistani cricketers and will add immense value to the brand of Pakistan cricket.

We congratulate PCB and all the people who have worked tirelessly to make PSL a reality, and hope and pray that for PCB as well as for Pakistan Cricket Fans, PSL will go on to become the most respected, the most professional and the most competitive T20 league in the world.

At this point, it is imperative that Pakistan Cricket Board makes the most of this excellent opportunity to showcase the best of Pakistan Cricket in all its facets. PSL should be the vehicle to launch the international careers of many a future superstar, while also shining the spotlight on the seasoned campaigners and war horses, who have kept the flame of Pakistan cricket burning in our darkest times – Iconic superstars who have been, for reasons beyond Cricket, not been given their due by World Cricket. One name that springs to mind before all else in that regard is Misbah Ul Haq.

Misbah Ul Haq is easily in the top 3 most popular stars of Pakistan cricket today. He holds the prestigious record of being the only batsman who has ever been ranked number 1 from Pakistan in T20s. His test record as captain makes him statistically the most successful captain we have had, and his record as T20 captain is also fantastic. Over the years, Misbah Ul Haq has, through his dedication, professionalism, integrity and through his commitment to Pakistan Cricket made raving fans out of his staunchest critics, and brought respect and accolades to Pakistan Cricket in the process.

Misbah is a huge star in the domestic T20 events that take place in Pakistan. Just the recent T20 tournament that was held in Faisalabad saw the entire crowd rooting for Misbah. The contest between his team and Afridi's team will probably be the marquee contest of the event, and is certainly going to create the kind of electrifying competitive environment that a league like PSL yearns for.

It is, therefore, the recommendation of The Cornered Tigers that Misbah Ul Haq be included in the “Icon Player” category, because whether or not the world cricket accords our icons their due respect, it is binding on our own events to not only give our icons their due, but also make the world sit up and notice where they missed a trick.

More importantly, this will ensure that PSL represents what it really is: An international cricket league, but, in essence, a Pakistani event with a global mix ( And not the other way around).

Cornered Tigers
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We, the Pakistani fan base, demand/strongly recommend that Misbah Ul Haq be upgraded to the "Icon Player List" in the PSL. This would ensure that the league gets a better connect from the Pakistani fan base.

Any institution is built around its stars, and it is simply undeniable that Misbah is a superstar in Pakistan cricket today, and has played his part in the T20 format as well. His inclusion will highly improve the image and the activity of the league.

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