Citizens who use Metra public transportation, planners, decision-makers
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American families spend a great percentage of their household budgets on transportation, making it the second largest household expenditure after housing. Ridership is at a fifty-year high and added almost 85 million additional trips over last year’s level in the first three months of 2008 alone according to an analysis conducted by Illinois Public Interest Research Group (Illinois PIRG).

As customers providing economic growth to Metra, we hereby demand that the 79th Street (Chatham) station is upgraded to the same modifications and safety mechanisms as other stations within our zone such as
63rd Street, 59th Street, and 55th Street.

We, the undersigned, call on Metra, which is controlled by the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA), and our elected and appointed officials in our City and State government to provide capital development funding to greatly improve the 79th Street (Chatham) station through increased upgrades.

WHEREAS, safe stations contribute to the increased quality of ridership and physical safety of customers, city residents, employees and visitors; and therefore is urgently needed to promote safety and continue to promote economic growth of the community and Metra Rail.

WHEREAS, as supporters of this petition, we commit to respecting the safety of customers.

The undersigned supporters of this petition hereby request that Metra, City & State government resolve to:

-Provide an improved and safe station;
-Provide passenger signage posted outside of the station;
-Provide emergency station boxes on the platform;
- Provide improved access to platform; elevator
-Provide improved lighting for viaduct and platform;
-Provide a corridor, canopies, and shelter with open entry;
-Provide visibility of entrance to the platform;
-Provide regular presence of security patrol;
-Provide a parking lot for its customers;
-Provide a transfer stop at the 79th Chatham station.

Published by Angela Lee on 9/3/08

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