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I am sick and tired of constantly hearing about and seeing lives that have been wrecking, ruined shattered and lost due to the selfish and inconsiderate actions of the scum that still think that it’s fine to still drink alcohol and drive! So I propose and ask for your backing for 3 radical new changes to the UK Drink Driving Laws.

Number 1. Zero tolerance. Why should there be a limit? If one is all you can have then surely it isn’t needed. Then there can be no error in Judgement then. With a limit it entices people to think ‘Oh, One more won’t push me over the limit?’

Number 2. The punishments are not severe enough and do not seem to get the message across. With Zero tolerance, any alcohol detected that is relevant to that day should result in an instant six month ban and a large fine. Any alcohol over a certain limit should result in a lifetime ban and possible sentencing and an even larger fine. Refusal to give a roadside sample 6 month ban. Refusal to give a certified sample or Blood sample Life time ban.

Number 3. Finally, all passengers in cars of drink drivers should be given a fixed penalty of at least £80. I know some people will say thats not fair but knowingly getting in a car with a drink driver should be a crime. You wouldn’t drive a getaway car for a bank robber nor would you let a serial killer keep killing if you know him. People may also say ‘Well I didn’t know he/she had had a drink!’ How pissed off would your mates be with you if they got hit with a fine?

I believe if this was introduced it may cut down on drink driving as people will not want to travel with them making the decision not to drive an easier one.
A reward should maybe be given to people who report drink drivers that end up in a conviction. Also a list with pictures of convicted drivers should be made available to all alcohol serving establishments. This may help in prevent repeat offenders offending again.

Finally most of the revenue made from these fines and convictions should go towards helping the victims and their families get the lives back together.

I know a lot of people may think these are harsh but how would you feel if your life with shattered by the careless actions of a drink driver?

We, the undersigned, call on the government to change the Drink Driving laws as stated in this petition.

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