#National Affairs
Remove Nike from U.S. Sponsers list.
United States of America

Nike has shown that they do not support the United States of America when they pulled their Betsy Ross sneakers from circulation, due to pressure from those that do not respect their own country. The reason given was that the flag of the United States of America represented slavery, when in fact the people from this era fought a civil war to end it at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives from people of all races. This was the first time a country said "No More" and declared that slavery was unwelcome in a civilized country. This decision lead to a more democratic country where all people are considered equal as was the intent the founding fathers had when they wrote the constitution. The Olympic Committee is charged with presenting the best attributes of the United States of America and that includes sponsors who support this great nation.

We, the undersigned, call on the United States Olympic Committee to remove Nike from the list of sponsors who represent and support this great nation.

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