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Australia is lagging behind in architectural prominence, because of draconian laws that are outdated and controlled by other influences.

We need to wake up and get with the reality that the only way is up in our cities, and the current height limits for buildings in our major cities is an embarrassment for our respective tourism industry and also progressive development in the reality of urban sprawl.

Our cities look outdated and flat, due to height restrictions in most major cities, due to opposition regarding shadow fall, airport restrictions, local council objections etc..I ask you this... how great and beautiful would Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, or Adelaide look with a gleaming, 500 meter plus, building look, cutting through the flatline affect that our cities seem to suffer from.

Just a thought.

Thank you for reading this.

We, the undersigned, call on all local, city, and relevant bodies, to please consider the restructure of local height restrictions in all Australian cities, for the natural progression of development and common sense.

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