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Village President Abboud and the Village Board of Barrington Hills
United States of America

The Village of Barrington Hills wants to adopt an Exterior Lighting Ordinance that will significantly restrict residents' rights to make choices about how they light their properties for safety, security, landscaping and recreational purposes. The written minutes of the Plan Commission and Village Board meetings make numerous references to Barrington Hills becoming a "Dark Sky" community through the International Dark Sky Association.

The Village President and Village Board directed the Plan Commission to draft the lighting Ordinance, and the Ordinance now is being considered by the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA). After the ZBA makes a recommendation, the Village Board will vote on the Ordinance.

The Ordinance imposes unreasonable restrictions on how homeowners can illuminate their properties. All forms of fluorescent, sodium, metal halide and other "high intensity discharge" lighting, which is used in many security systems and for landscaping, will be completely banned. Unshielded light fixtures, including barn, doorway and driveway lights, will have significant restrictions on light output. All light fixtures installed on trees and plants will be completely banned. These restrictions will exist regardless of whether you live on a 1-acre, 5-acre or 100-acre property. Violation of the Ordinance will result in daily fines.

The Homeowners Against Lighting Ordinances believe this Ordinance represents overregulation by our local government, and an unnecessary and unreasonable infringement on our rights as homeowners to decide how we want to provide for safety, security, landscaping and recreational lighting.

We hope you agree by signing the Petition.

We, the undersigned, request that Village President Abboud and the Village Board cease any further action on the proposed Exterior Lighting Ordinance and direct the Zoning Board of Appeals to remove it immediately from any further consideration.

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