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President of the United States, Senate and House of Representatives
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This Petition Affects Our Planet and All That Lives In It:
Before reading the following petition, I would like for you all to hear this recent (2012) interview with Dr. Barrie Tower. Dr Barrie Towers Talks with victims of Non-Consensual Microwave and EMF Experimentation and Testing'.

What was most surprising was that the greater of those targeted were listed as politicians for blackmail, our police, our fire departments and our military in the use of harmful EMF technology without their knowledge.

In addition, an extremely important discussion regarding the continued harmful placement of these (technologies) 'towers' surrounding our communities that are affecting our health by various injuries; cancers, heart attacks, and deaths, even affecting our weather, birds and other plant life. Dr. Trower, as a former creator if these technologies, Dr. Trower discusses how these technologies can be reduced and stopped as contractors continue to recklessly develop and test these technologies on humans without consent; the release of various chemicals, dangerous satellite weapons, kill and privacy drones and more on humans...the non-consensual human experimentation of needless microwave, and electromagnetic frequency weapons damaging our health everyday.

'Barrie Trower Talks with Victims of Non-Consensual Microwave and EMF Experimentation and Testing'

For decades our government contractor base and government agencies have developed war weapons of mass destruction along with other war chemical, biological and microwave technologies; what our United States citizens were not aware of is that our own Senate, Secret Committees and Congress have authorized the testing and evaluation of these weapons on who they define as 'unwitting civilians and military personnel', and testing is increasing.
Testing and evaluation on civilians across this country and abroad; in our air as chemical trails or ‘chem-trails’, in our water and on our bodies with the use of satellites and drones, and is dangerously and carelessly increasing.

Technology that alters a humans behavior, mind, body and blood; needless development, testing and evaluation for nothing other than corporate greed… the continued funding by our Senate in the trillions annually and all hidden and controlled by Homeland Security Fusion centers and neighborhood watch groups in the millions who are being used for testing as well, 'unwitting participants' in organized harassment of other citizens to hide the acts of non-consensual testing as they themselves are experiencing a number of illnesses and deaths; target the target and signing their lives away in the process.

Now 75 Senators have voted to allow the development and testing of 30,000 war Drones over our U.S. skies. What our Senate has not read is the required testing, and recertifications as a required number of designated ‘target civilian hits’ for those who will operate these drones. This also included the ongoing recertification of each operator of the 30,000 additional Drones over our skies.


If any citizen would read any Senate Appropriations Budget to the military, or any government agency, including the thousands of primary government (over 3100) contractors, and thousands of government sub-contractors (over 5000 with no oversight) you will find that our cities, our United States regions and countries abroad are identified as targets for testing of these weapons.

We, the Undersigned, call upon the President of the United States of America, the Senate and House of Representatives to take immediate action to stop the continued authorizations to all agencies, government contractors and secret operations groups that has for decades lead to the non-consensual human experimentation, torture and attacks on who the Department of Defense has defined as 'unwitting U.S. persons and military personnel'.

We are human beings with Constitutional and Human Rights that grant us the ability to live in peace and without harm being caused by our own government and the development of the many needless biological, chemical and energy weapons that continue to be authorized by our own U.S. Senate everyday. Humans being, being used as experiments to mind and body, tortured, harassed, and labeled by false (SAR) Suspicious Activity Reports and (NSL) National Security Letters in order to continue the targeting of innocent civilians and military that is leading to disabilities, injuries and death.

The harm caused by the millions of citizens who are crying out for help; the damage to our weather, drinking water, and farmlands must stop. The corporate greed must stop.

We the Undersigned demand that these action stop and those responsible for the torture and torment of civilians with these and other developed weapons, satellites, drones or through-the-walls technologies, are charged with felon charges and brought to criminal prosecution. For the assault and willful assaults and death of citizens equating to; voluntary manslaughter, capital murder, first-second and third degree murder, of a human being. This is not experimentation, these are ‘Crimes against Humanity’ and the Nuremberg Laws do apply to human protection of life to non-consensual experimentation which is the underline purpose for these crimes that are being committed.

We demand to live our live in peace and free of continued harm and damage to our health and properties.

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