#Students' Rights
UoN Council;UoN Senate

The University of Nairobi Rules and Regulations governing student the organization,conduct and discipline of students is generally unfair and outdated.

Established by the now repealed University of Nairobi Act(Cap 210 Laws of Kenya) and coming into force in November 1987, the regulations were arguably established to stifle the democratic space at a time Kenyans, more so in the academia, students and staff, were clamoring for multiparty.

That the new constitutional dispensation that came into force in 2010 renders the rules and regulations unconstitutional.

History and statistics have shown the rules and regulations to be excessively punitive and achieving no logical end in its objective save being an instrument of oppression.

In line with vision 2030,the UoN must be at the pedestal in ensuring effective adherence to both the spirit and letter of the Kenya constitution by first and foremost repealing these rules and regulations and establishing more feasible ones.

We, the undersigned, have read the petition herein and we request that the University of Nairobi Senate and Council repeal the current rules and regulations governing the organization,conduct and discipline of students under Cap 210 Laws of Kenya now repealed by Cap 42 of 2012.

We the undersigned:

1) specifically call for the total repeal of the rules and regulations established in Nov 1987.

2) that the organization of students include broadly the students organization of Nairobi University(SONU).

3) that the rules and regulations governing the discipline of students take into account global good practices established by the UN and be tenable under the Kenyan Constitution.

4) that all disciplinary committees to be functional,and include a Faculty Board disciplinary committee to reduce burden on college and Senate committees.

5) that a disciplinary hearing committee be set up no more than two weeks after the Vice Chancellors communication of an indefinite suspension pending hearing;and that any penalty therein be effective from date of that communication not hearing date.

6) that readmission be automatic after sentence/penalty is served;

7) that there be student leaders in both Academic and non academic disciplinary committees.

8) Legal representation be allowed.

9) that a committee constitute an equal number of academic staff and student leaders as per the student body constitution.

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