University of Edinburgh Business School
United Kingdom

As we are sure you are aware already, the exam timetable for third year Accountancy students is completely unfair.

Those who are following the accounting accreditation path are being asked to sit all six of their exams in as little as 8 days. The University is being unrealistic here in giving these students a fair chance to attain the mark that truly reflects their knowledge of the course.

There has been a failure in communication on the University's behalf, as students were initially told that they would have their exams spread over the full four weeks. The Univeristy granted this time for a reason, and now they are going against their word.

At this late stage, it looks unlikely that the exam dates will be changed. We, however, intend to make the best of a bad situation, and ask that the University grades the exams with consideration to the timetable that the students have been subjected to.

We have been let down by our University. We kindly ask that an agreeable resolution is reached so those who are sitting their exams in such a tight space of time do not get an unfair mark due to poor scheduling of the Registry.

We, the undersigned, call upon the Univeristy of Edinburgh to grade the exam submissions for Accountancy students with consideration made to the unfair date allocation of the examinations.

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