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Mayor Christian Bollwage and Police Director James Cosgrove
United States of America

All you would have to do is simply pick up a newspaper or take a moment to speak to one of your neighbors and it would be sufficient to know that there is a serious problem in our city.

What HEADLINE are they waiting for to appear in The Star Ledger before serious action is taken?

Dear Mayor Christian Bollwage and Police Director James Cosgrove,


Elizabeth has serious gang and crime problems. The City is plagued with burglaries, shootings, carjackings, muggings and stolen cars.

We need immediate attention to this matter.

I signed this petition because I agree that crime is a serious issue in our city.

I agree with the short list of below suggestions collected from different residents in our community. I believe that it can help us move toward the right direction.


In order to curb the crime problem in our city, we must:

1. Acknowledge that there is a huge problem in the City of Elizabeth.

2. Bring awareness to the community on what is truly happening.

3. Equip our residents with the knowledge needed to better protect themselves.

3. Add a greater police presence to our streets.

4. Work with the Union County Prosecutor's Office, County Police and State Police to bring added protection to our city.

5. Organize a committee to come up with a new plan on policing. Our current strategy is not working.

6. Look into the possibilities of having border patrols near our neighboring cities.

7. Call for comprehensive and stringent gun-control laws.

8. Team up with other organizations and churches to provide our youth with meaningful opportunities to make a difference in our community.

9. For the City of Elizabeth to work side by side with the Elizabeth Board of Education to reach out to our children and provide them with a safe school environment to grow and learn.

10. Provide our parents and the community with gang awareness and prevention seminars.


Please work toward accomplishing these objectives.

Elizabeth is in desperate need to be safer.

Thank you very much.

A Resident from the City of Elizabeth, NJ

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